Welcome to Chicadee Mom! We invite you to look around and learn about the services and support chicadeemom.com offers for you in Motherhood. We provide you the tools of self compassion through:

This is an image of a sleeping newborn baby wrapped in white gauze.

Mothers helpers 

A Mother’s Helper provides comfort to the healing postpartum mother by ensuring she is eating and drinking enough, has a tidy and clean space, and an opportunity to rest, shower, or otherwise take some time for self care. Does that mean we do dishes? Yes it does! Mother’s helpers can be booked in increments of 3 hours, starting at $55 dollars per visit.

This is an image of a real placenta after it has been cleaned, with an intact umbilical cord that is shaped like a heart, on a white background.

Placenta encapsulation

After the birth of your baby, we will pick up the placenta from your home, or Roanoke/Blacksburg area hospitals or birth center.  It will be returned to you in pill form, which women take like a supplement to aid in postpartum healing. From $180. 

This is an image of a white plaster belly cast in the shape of a pregnant belly and breasts, on a white background.

belly Casting

A Belly Cast is a great way to remember your pregnancy and how your body has changed to grow your precious child. This beautiful memento can be hung in your baby's nursery or kept as a keepsake for years to come. From $100. 

stand in baby (sib) MANNEQUIN rental

Meet Wren! She is our very own SIB (StandInBaby), available now as a short term rental for aspiring newborn photographers. Get your wraps, lighting and posing practice down pat BEFORE you practice on a live newborn who may, let's face it, not be in the mood for you right now. Daily to weekly rentals. We are a vendor approved rental agency for StandInBaby. From $25 daily rate. Weekly rates available.

postpartum doulas

The early days of postpartum can be especially challenging. Families may be surprised to find that after all of the excitement of pregnancy and birth, they are pretty much on their own with their newborn. Let our postpartum doula help ease you into parenthood by gently assisting you as you get to know how to care for your little one, whilst tending to your physical and emotional healing as well. From $30 an hour.