Hello and Welcome to Chicadee Mom,

 I want to thank you for visiting our website.   Many of you in the community may recognize me as The Roanoke Placenta Lady.  My name is Jessie Hirsh and I've been an active member of our local birth community in the Blacksburg, Radford, Floyd, Christiansburg, Roanoke and Salem area of beautiful southwest Virginia since 2007.  I'm a birth and postpartum doula, a placenta encapsulation specialist and technical project/product manager. My vision for Chicadee Mom is to provide a service that I would have been  delighted to have available for myself when I had my babies.

  1. As someone who has moved around quite a bit before I settled in the area, I would have loved to have been able to quietly book a tea party baby shower or celebration through a planner rather than hoping someone would do something nice for me in a low key yet beautiful way.

  2. I would have loved to have a beautiful cast made from my enormous belly and bosom, that I could turn into a piece of art.

  3. It would have been wonderful to have found someone to encapsulate my placenta to fight off postpartum depression, which I am prone to. However, if I had, I might not be The Roanoke Placenta Lady today!

  4. Most importantly, an experienced postpartum care provider on call to come to my house after my baby arrived could have been life changing. I struggled postpartum with most of my children. It was not that people around me didn't have good intentions, but when I needed help, everyone was very busy. I would have been happy to hire a trained professional to ensure I was nurtured, well fed, well hydrated, and not wearing myself out (!) trying to do too many things right after I had my baby.

  5. As a doula with young children, I would have loved the opportunity to work for an agency like Chicadee Mom that would allow me better flexibility for when I was able to be on call, and for when I was not.

I believe that these are days that you will always remember Chicadee Mom.  I believe that one day, your children will be parents themselves, and you will still recall with great clarity how you felt during this season of your life. 

We see you Chicadee.  We are honored to help you. 


Jessie Hirsh, Head Chic - Chicadee Mom