MOTHERS HELPERS - We specialize in postpartum care of Moms just like You.

That’s right, while we adore babies and can take excellent care of them while you take a much-needed break – our primary focus is YOUR comfort and well-being as a new mother, whether this is your first baby or your fifteenth!

When you book a Mother’s Helper with Chicadee Mom you can expect the following:

 Alone time – To take a nap, a shower, read a book, lay in the sun – whatever you need to revive yourself.  We will feed bottle-fed babies, or bring your baby to you for nursing.

A tidy place to recover – We can handle the laundry,  take care of the dishes, change your bedding, tidy up your resting space, bathroom and kitchen.  While we are not a cleaning service, we believe that a clean, organized space to recover is important to your emotional wellbeing.     

A homecooked meal – We will prepare a healthy meal for you, or even prep meals for a few days if that is how you prefer us to spend our visit.   We will pick up pre-ordered groceries or run out for takeout – whatever you need.

To be Tucked In – We can’t make you go to bed…. But we will try!  There is nothing more ideal in the postpartum than a period of time when mom and baby can remain tucked into bed, skin to skin, with all their needs met.  We will happily bring you everything you need right to your bedside. While we do that, we will be a good example to your family and friends for what you need in order to recover as quickly as possible.  We will provide examples to your family for ways that they can further pamper you when your Mother’s Helper leaves for the day.

A safe place to share your feelings – We are a confidential place to share your worries, your birth stories and your emotions both positive and negative.  We are great listeners, and may even have some advice to share if you’d like it.

*Our Mother’s Helpers are trained in basic newborn care, care of the postpartum mother, certified in community CPR and blood borne pathogens, are up to date on adult vaccinations, and have been verified by a national background check agency.

Setting up an appointment is easy. Step one is to make a quick Chicadee Certified Family appointment. This is a short, one time, home visit to ensure that we know where things are in your home, take note of anything we should be careful with such as animals, food aversions etc, and to make sure you are comfortable and prepared for your Mother’s Helper visit. This appointment can be made for any time before your first postpartum appointment, even if you aren’t sure whether you will use our Mother’s Helper services or not. The benefit of registering while you are pregnant is so that you can make an appointment for as early as the next day using our self service appointment scheduler!