Placenta Encapsulation

Nourish yourself with Mother Nature's Tree of Life - your placenta in a palatable pill form.  After the birth of your baby, we will pick up the placenta from your home, or Roanoke/Blacksburg area hospitals or birth center.  It will be returned to you in pill form, which women take like a supplement to aid in postpartum healing.

The placenta is carefully cleaned, steamed over ginger, lemon and hot chili pepper, dehydrated and transformed into pill form using 100% vegetarian capsules.    

We've been practicing placenta apothecary since 2009 and use a variation on the traditional Chinese medicine preparation method which we believe results in a high quality and safe placenta pill.  The benefits of placenta encapsulation are said to include increased energy, expedited recovery from childbirth, increased milk production, and a decrease in the likelihood of the baby blues and postpartum depression.  Pricing from $180. Gift Certificates are available.

Pre-register for free today (no deposit or obligation required) to ensure that we have your pertinent information should you go into labor before contacting us!


Let us help you prepare your placenta to go back to the Earth after it has served to bring Life to your newborn child. Your placenta will be washed, a photo will be taken of it if you choose, and the cord will be set to dehydrate as a keepsake. The placenta is then wrapped in 100% biodegradable composting materials, burlap and placed in a small box that is kept frozen until you are ready to plant the placenta under a tree or bush. Pricing from $50.